Get a Skid Blind, Today!

Our Skid Blinds are made to move easily so you can easily move it to the best hunting location on your property each year! The steel skids and our all weather paint allow for extra durability even in the harshest of climates.  
All blinds have a large storage area made of mesh steel which is ideal for keeping hunting gear safely away from standing area.
The Seat and Flooring in the skid blinds are made from durable 2"x6" treated lumber making your time in this skid comfortable
With flip downs on both sides, our blinds allow hunters to shoot safely from both sides.
Model               Seats                    Description                      Price
DP5-SKID         2 hunters             5' skid blind                    $595.00
DP10-SKID       3 hunters            10' skid blind                   $1045.00
DP16-SKID       4 hunters            16' skid blind                   $1685.00
In the market for a larger skid blind? Contact us for more details!